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Business Owner's Policy

Insurance created to meet your business needs.

What is Business Owner's Policy?

Congratulations!  Your business is growing. Growth means opportunity – and more risks.  When you first start out in business, your Commercial General Liability covered injuries to customers and third parties. As you start to purchase equipment and expand into office space, you’ll need to add property insurance. The benefit of a Business Owners Policy (BOP) is that it bundles coverage’s like  liability,   property, and employment practices liability  so the premium is lower than if you purchased those policies separately.

A Business owner’s policy is an affordable option for small business protection. Price varies depending on value of business property, coverage limits, number of employees, annual revenues or payroll. 

The key aspect of a BOP is the ability to add remove policy endorsements. Talk to a SmartInsured agent to find the best BOP for your businesses. 


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Your business insurance coverage is
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What Business Owner's Policy Protects

General Liability protects you from unexpected events that happen while you’re trying to run your business. You’ll need protection for events that happen by or to other people like landlords, clients, visitors, or business partners. Instead of a lawsuit, you’ll have insurance to protect you in the following instances.

Customer, Vendor, or Visitor Accidents

What happens when your customers, vendors, or visitors fall and get hurt while doing business with you? General Liability insurance pays for bodily injury and medical payments where your business may be at fault.

Property Damage

Customer visits are a great way to build business relationships. But when you spill your morning latte on your #1 customer’s server equipment, they’ll need to be reimbursed for repairs and related damage. General Liability is a great way to protect you and keep relationships intact.

Personal and Advertising Injury

Your company’s social media posts may unintentionally harm your competitor’s business reputation and you’ll be held liable. If your firm injures your competitors by defaming their character or infringing on their copyright or trademark, you’ll need protection.

Product or Service Injury

You’ve tested your product and are sure it’s the next market sensation. But if customers claim they got injured by your product, you’ll need protection from a lawsuit. Whether it’s a product your made or a service you provided, General Liability will protect you with Product Completed Operations coverage.

What Business Owner's Policy Won't Protect You From

Business Owner's Policy is designed to protect your business from accidents or injuries by or to other parties. You’ll need separate insurance coverages to protect other normal business activities like:

Employee Accidents

Business Owner's Policy doesn’t protect you from employee accidents. Workers’ Compensation insurance policies (which are mandatory in most states) are designed to help provide employees with financial relief from accidents.

Personal Medical Payments

Business Owner's Policy will pay for medical expenses for injuries to people outside of your business (“third parties” like customers, vendors, visitors) but you’ll need health insurance to cover your personal and employee medical expenses.

On the Job Auto Accidents

If you use your vehicle – or have a fleet of vehicles – you’ll need separate auto insurance coverage to make sure you, your employees, and other parties are covered for collisions and medical payments.

Professional Mistakes

Forget to sign on the dotted line? Did you miscalculate on your contract and end up causing delays to your client? For the mistakes that happen while providing your business services, you’ll need Business Owner's Policy.