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Cyber Liability Insurance

Insurance created to meet your business needs.

What is Cyber Insurance Liability?

Small to medium sized businesses are the new favorite target of hackers around the globe. Why? Hackers rely on your belief that a cyber crime will never happen to you. They know you aren’t as vigilant as the big players at protecting your network or data. Virtually every business today stores customer data online and processes credit cards making them a target. 

Why is it easier for hackers to attack small and medium sized businesses? The primary cause of an attack is because an attacker got into your system due to weak passwords or human error (like opening that email that promised “FREE MONEY”). You can do a lot in advance of a cyber event. Identify your biggest risks for data theft, viruses, denial of service, and phishing scams. Find a good cyber training program and make sure you and your employees participate. Remind them of best practices – like strong passwords.

Preparing for a potential cyber attack is the first step to preventing an incident. But if an attack occurs, you’ll need to respond quickly and know who to reach out to for legal, PR, forensic, and network assistance. Line up some partners now so you know who to contact when hackers unleash their ransomware on your network.

 But then there’s the aftermath of an attack. You’re exhausted, but have to keep your business going. You have to reassure your customers, assess the damage, and pay for help.  That’s where Cyber Liability Insurance can help.


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What Cyber Liability Insurance  Protects

Cyber Liability helps you get back in business after an attack.  It will help pay for customer notification, credit monitoring, fines, and legal fees. In some instances, it may pay for damaged or lost data and loss of business income.

Cyber Liability insurance isn’t a one-size-fits all policy. Depending on your business, you may also choose to add Network Security or Network Privacy Liability policies that further protect your data, network, and the potential damage done to your business reputation.

First-Party coverage can help with expenses when your network is hacked. Third-Party coverage protects your business if a customer or vendor were to sue you from a data breach. Depending on your operations, your business may need both coverage. 

Cyber crime happens everywhere, from your business network, to the Starbucks public wi-fi and even Alexa. You can secure

What Cyber Liability Insurance Won't Protect You From

Cyber liability doesn’t protect you in the first two stages of cyber crime: before and during. It won’t pay for cyber education for your staff or a consultant’s recommendation to improve your passwords.

Traditional Cyber Liability won’t pay for the help you need during an attack. Unless purchased separately under another policy, cyber insurance won’t pay for data forensic, legal, or network administration experts to identify the source of the attack.

Cyber liability pays for what happens after an attack to help get your business get going again.

Employee Accidents

Cyber Liability doesn’t protect you from employee accidents. Workers’ Compensation insurance policies (which are mandatory in most states) are designed to help provide employees with financial relief from accidents.

Personal Medical Payments

Cyber Liability will pay for medical expenses for injuries to people outside of your business (“third parties” like customers, vendors, visitors) but you’ll need health insurance to cover your personal and employee medical expenses.

On the Job Auto Accidents

If you use your vehicle – or have a fleet of vehicles – you’ll need separate auto insurance coverage to make sure you, your employees, and other parties are covered for collisions and medical payments.

Professional Mistakes

Forget to sign on the dotted line? Did you miscalculate on your contract and end up causing delays to your client? For the mistakes that happen while providing your business services, you’ll need Professional Cyber Insurance like Errors and Omissions (E&O) coverage.