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Errors and Omissions Insurance

Insurance created to meet your business needs.

What is Errors and Omissions Liability?

If you have a diploma, license, or certification hanging on your wall that says you’re qualified to give advice, you’ll need E&O insurance. Accountants, insurance producers, realtors, architects, consultants, and lawyers all give professional advice that their clients rely upon. If your client is harmed by your advice, you’ll need E&O insurance to protect you from a lawsuit.

If you’re in a tech field, you’ll probably need E&O insurance too. If you created an app that blows up a smartphone after your latest update, you need protection. If you’ve got a contract you were not able to complete and the client is pinging you every 10 minutes, you’ll need E&O insurance.

Professional liability lawsuits are  expensive . Legal fees alone can run you $10K with the average settlement nearing $150K. E&O premiums are a great investment to protect your business and your reputation.


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What Errors and Omissions Protects

If you have a service based business, there are three risks you have:

  1. Professional Mistakes.  No one is perfect. Despite your 27 Excel pivot tables, your calculations were wrong and the client took the hit. Even if it was an honest mistake, the client will seek to recover damages from you.
  2. Failure to Deliver Services.   At the last minute, your subcontractor disappeared. You were depending on them to deliver the code you needed for your client’s software, but now you can’t deliver on time, on budget, or maybe at all. If you can’t deliver as promised – no matter what the reason – you’ll need protection.
  3. Professional Negligence .  If you, your business partner, or that bright young grad you hired over-promised and under-delivered on a project, you’re in trouble, especially if your client lost money, their reputation, or harmed their clients.

If a client suffers a loss because of your inability to deliver as promised, you’ll probably get sued. You’ll need to pay legal fees and potential lawsuit settlements, which can easily reach six or 7 figures.  E&O will help defray those costs and keep you in business.

What Errors and Omissions Insurance Won't Protect You From

E&O Insurance covers the professional services you provide, but doesn’t protect you from the general liability from customer accidents at your place of business or property damage. You’ll need a Commercial General Liability, Business Owners Policy, or other policies that are customized to your business.

Employee Accidents

E&O doesn’t protect you from employee accidents. Workers’ Compensation insurance policies (which are mandatory in most states) are designed to help provide employees with financial relief from accidents.

Personal Medical Payments

E&O will pay for medical expenses for injuries to people outside of your business (“third parties” like customers, vendors, visitors) but you’ll need health insurance to cover your personal and employee medical expenses.

On the Job Auto Accidents

If you use your vehicle – or have a fleet of vehicles – you’ll need separate auto insurance coverage to make sure you, your employees, and other parties are covered for collisions and medical payments.

Professional Mistakes

Forget to sign on the dotted line? Did you miscalculate on your contract and end up causing delays to your client? For the mistakes that happen while providing your business services, you’ll need Professional E&O coverage.